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When we set out to design and machine the best seatpost clamp we did a ton of testing and solicited rider and mechanic input. Common complaints of rusted hardware, stripped parts, droppers becoming bound up, weird sizing that isn't supported, etc. 


The result is a component we are proud to put our name on. We are confident this clamp will get used on all your bikes for years to come. Stainless replaceable hardware, off-the shelf easily sourced bolt. Typical Ignite wild toolpaths. Almost all sizes will be available in the future. Relief on inner diameter wont gouge frame finish or carbon frames.


What's with the name? Offcut? When we machine cranks, the 12ft long bars of aluminum we cut to @8.5" lengths leave a small piece that most others would scrap. This is commonly called an "offcut" in the industry. It just so happens these small pieces of top-shelf 7075-T651 are the perfect size to start making seatpost collar clamps in most sizes. 


7075-T651 body

304 Stainless barrel nut

304 Stainless spherical washer

Stainless M5x25 socket head cap screw


Torque M5 bolt to 4-6Nm. Every frame and dropper combo is different, but we suggest starting with 4Nm. Grease spherical washer, barrel nut, and inner diameter of clamp where it contacts frame. Some will argue, but we feel this can be installed either with slot aligned with slot in frame or opposing. 

Offcut Seatpost Collar Clamp

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