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The first time I popped a wheelie I looped out and almost broke my tailbone. I was about 6 years old and had been trying unsuccessfully to get the front wheel of my candy apple red banana seater off the ground all day.


Luckily, my Dad just returned home from work and showed me the physics of the feat along with the pro tip on riding uphill to make it easier to lean back and pull up at the same time.


A renewed sense of purpose, a little too much oomph, the briefest second of success followed by a terrible pain in my rear end.


Undeterred, I spent countless hours riding up the driveway until I mastered that wheelie. This ultimately led to my obsession with 2 wheels that has never gone away.

Mechanical Engineering was the obvious path through college, and while I won't bore you with self-righteous blather, my background for the past 20+ years has included designing and engineering some crazy cool parts and systems from motorsport engines to skyscrapers. I've ridden more miles than I can recall yet still wake up some nights excitedly looking forward to the upcoming weekend's epic.


Bikes are my passion. 

Creating the coolest parts is my pursuit.

Smiles while riding is the goal.

See you on the trails...

Ian Colquhoun


Quite simply we want to make the best bicycle parts possible.

Parts that are strong, light, and absolutely beautiful.

Ignite Components strives to unite the most sound engineering principles, the best materials, cutting edge manufacturing techniques, and a designer's eye.


As good as a product is, customer service is what keeps you on our team for life, and we will make every effort to see to it that this takes place.



We will not make a part we wouldn't be pumped about having on our own rides. 

Most of us take pride in our bikes and a component that costs more than a post-ride order of tacos should be passed down from bike-to-bike adorned with dings, dents, and a few good stories.


Wherever and whenever possible, hardware, bearings, and consumable parts will possess the ability to be replaced with off-the-shelf options in a pinch. Standard tools used in any bikeshop should be all that's required to service a good design. Proprietary parts and tools peeve us all.

At the end of the day, we all just want to ride bikes. Any part that allows you to ride more smile-filled miles and wrench or worry less is A-OK in our book.



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