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*Demand has been absolutely incredible, which I am very appreciative of. All new orders placed on non-stock items are looking at about an 8 week ETA


The Catalyst Chainring Spider allows you to run a chainring of your choosing utilizing the standard 3 bolt Direct mount that our cranks feature in the popular 104mm BCD used on Mtb's forever. When paired with a set of Catalyst cranks, these spiders will provide a 52.5mm "BOOST" chainline. We can also make these for 55mm chainline "superboost/Ttype", email us for details


For those that want a traditional chainring setup for 1x...

For those that want a traditional chainring setup for 2x...


Use a Catalyst Spider!


A note on all Ignite spiders:

I purposely machine spiders to be a slight interference fit.  You will notice @2mm slight shoulder in the inner interface. This is only a slight annoyance when installing, but creates a lifetime rattle and creak-free joint. When installing the spider onto a set of cranks, please DO NOT crank the spider to the mounting interface with the (3) m5 bolts. Instead, use a clamp/vise/ rubber mallet on a soft workbench of with blocks of wood. Once the spider is fully seated, the 3 bolts may be installed. To remove the spider, a plastic wedge can be inserted between the crank arm and spider and used to gently pry away the spider.


Spiders will come standard in Black or Silver

Custom colors will be additional and are shown in the pricing




Catalyst Chainring Spider

Spider Color (custom color is last option)
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